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A few words about our team

Our team consists of young driven professionals in a full range of positions such as Compliance, Business Development, Operations, Accounting and IT. So, take your time and meet our Team Members and learn some more details about everyone working in Sepaga!

As Kamil Toume says, “ The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is…people!!” ”.

We pride for our people that consist the true advantage of Sepaga EMI and we are proud to present them to you!!

Team members

Elena Kontou

Chief Executive Officer Director

Sofoclis Sofocleous

Chief Financial Officer Director

Ioannis Petrou

Chief Technology Officer

Yiannos Charalambous​

Financial Controller

Maria Georgiou

Compliance Officer

Joseph Kontos

Digital Transformation Manager

Savvas Lymbouris

Accounting Manager

Panayiota Photiou

Head of Business Development​

Paulina Pochanis

Compliance Officer

Afroditi Alexandrou

Office Administrator

Stephanos Hadjirousos

Compliance Officer

Michalis Papaeleftheriou

Business Development Officer

Valentina Gogaki

Chief Operations Officer

Kyriakos Symeou

Compliance Officer

Savvas Tsochataridis

Junior Accountant